Teeth Whitening in Elsa and Weslaco, TX

Teeth Whitening in Elsa

If you desire a brighter smile, we can perform teeth whitening to reduce staining and discoloration, or just to make your teeth whiter. This will help to improve your appearance and make you less self-conscious so you can smile more.

In-office Teeth Whitening

With professional in-office bleaching, our dentists can whiten your teeth several shades an hour, giving you the smile of your dreams after your first visit. The procedure is safe, comfortable, and long-lasting. The Whitening Gel is applied to the teeth that require bleaching, and then activated using a special low-heat Zoom! light that causes the gel to release oxygen deep in the tooth enamel and dentin, removing stains and discoloration. This option is ideal for busy professionals or patients looking to improve their smile in a single appointment, like for an upcoming event.

Take-home Whitening

We make customized bleaching trays from impressions of your teeth. These are designed to fit snugly and keep the bleaching gel against your teeth for adequate penetration without irritating your gums. You only need to wear the trays overnight or for a specific amount of hours depending on your case. Your teeth will become gradually whiter, with only some periodic touch-up treatments to maintain a bright smile.

Improve your smile today

Take advantage of our modern teeth whitening approaches, with the latest bleaching technology, techniques, and continuing education for a pleasant experience. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.

If you have any questions regarding Teeth Whitening in Elsa, then please call our office at 956-262-1083 .